Before we get into the logistics of hosting a giveaway or contest, I think it’s vital to understand just how important they are for your business. In fact, I believe endeavours like this are only useful if we can measure their success and how, specifically, they help us grow.

But not all measurements are crystal clear. I mean, like, how do you measure a follower thinking more highly of you as a result of a contest, right? I get it, but there are other signs we can look to determine their effectiveness.

Have you ever wondered how to get people talking about your social platforms? I think movie publicists understand how to make this happen better than anyone else. They get how vital it is for people to talk in advance, so they drop exciting hints and clues leading up to a movie premiere, but I believe that contests on social media function the same way. Getting people excited in advance is just one way for contests/giveaways create buzz. 

Today I’m going to teach you the ten steps I take when creating a giveaway to grow and engage my audience. This incredible growth strategy is not going away anytime soon, I mean everyone loves to win something!

Not only does a good giveaway grow your fanbase it also can grow your business network and I have the secret sauce to show you just how to do that in today’s podcast.

I love to host. giveaway, I love connecting with my audience on this level, it totally gives me an insight into what my audience wants from me in terms of content. So let’s dive in, shall we?

You’ll learn…

1. The importance of Contests and Give-Aways

2. Why you Should have a giveaway

3. My ten Step Strategy to hosting a profitable giveaway

4. I’ll give you my giveaway checklist to download

5. How to collaborate with other businesses for a hugely successful campaign

6. You’ll also get my collaboration email template 

Plus more…

[3:07] Let’s get started – Download your toolkit at TOOLKIT DOWNLOAD Let’s talk more about the Live and give you an overview of giveaways

[8:00] Introduction of who I am and what I do and how contests have affected myself personally

[12:00] A deeper explanation of the 5 days Live Challenge

[16:01] Answering the age-old question of how to get more time to grow your audience

[18:00] How to get people talking about your brand

[23:44] 10 steps to hosting an amazingly profitable giveaway

[42:44] Collaboration email

[45:59] Wrap up and Bonus information 

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