Did you know that getting organised is directly tied with Self Esteem? Feeling good about your surroundings also makes you feel good about yourself. In fact, if you are reading personal development books, listening to audio programs or attending seminars on personal development and self-esteem, then chances are you’re caught in a circle.

You do some personal development, and you feel better, and you get on with life, but the disorganization of your life catches up with you, and so you go back to doing a bunch of personal development.

Self-esteem and personal organization are essentially two sides of the same coin. The coin that opens those gateways to all success. You can focus on either of those sides separately. Still, in the end, being organised depends on self-esteem, and vice versa, self-esteem depends on getting organized in your career development and personal life.


Today we will go through my top-secret hacks to become organised and stay organised to help you improve self-esteem, money, and relationships.

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