10 Steps To Hosting A Viral Giveaway or Contest

Learn 10 Steps To Hosting A Viral Giveaway or Contest! In this Livestream, we’re going to take a close look at how to increase your social media productivity. The impact that social media is having for businesses today. We won’t just talk about how to use it. We’ll also look at how to plan out your posts effectively, as well as how you can schedule them ahead of time. Most of all, we’re going to see how people are leveraging social media today. Plus the best way to use social media leverage for your business.

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Let me properly introduce myself – I’m Amy-Lee Farr, I’m a photographer, marketer and podcaster, who helps people who struggle with content marketing such as social media and blogging etc as well as mindset transformation to save time, end the struggle and really see the success they envisioned at the beginning of their journey.

When I first started in business over 10 years ago, I literally had no idea what I was doing and I fumbled my way through, I spent hours of time researching and learning all of the different ways I could take my dream and make it a reality.  It was really hard, and it took a long, long time on that learning curve journey.

I remember being bullied online as a photographer, I remember failing over and over. Until I wasn’t failing anymore, and I started having win after win. Since then I have spent years perfecting what I learned from my experiences, educating myself at UNI while developing various businesses for myself and coaching others so they could have similar and even more successful than myself. So, after all of that, I collated the years of information I learned and put it all together to share with others online through Twenty4 Social.

If you are starting out you’ll be happy to know I have done all the hard work for you… if you have an idea, a dream or a business, or you might be an entrepreneur or becoming one and you’re looking for support on your journey, maybe you need more strategies to move you to the next level – that is why I am here to share my most valuable lessons with you and hopefully help you and inspire you to keep growing.

My why is to help others be successful, I truly believe there is more than enough money, love and success in the world for everyone, all we have to do is harness it. Which brings me to today’s Live topic. ’10 Steps To Hosting A Viral Giveaway or Contest”

I want to assure you that you are in the right place if you are a business owner using social media or thinking of starting a business and using social media to market yourself.

You’re in the right place if you have been on social media for a while and just can’t seem to get traction with your posts, maybe struggling with the engagement of your audience. If social media advertising seems like something you will never understand, I’m here to help.

You’re also in the right place if you are overwhelmed by the thought of using social media workflows because you really just don’t have the time to dedicate to social media.

In the next 5 days we will go on a journey together to solve the issues overwhelming you, cut down the time you spend posting to social media, increase audience engagement and start to see a monetary return for your investment of time and money into social media.

I want to tell you about the time when I won tickets to see the Broncos play at Suncorp stadium? It was a late July afternoon and I heard that tickets were being given away if you could get to Ann street in the city and find the B105 HIT van and say Go Broncos.

Luckily I was in the city that day and I was able to quickly scoot over there, I found the radio stations car – burst up to the radio announcer and out breath I gasped “GO BRONCOS” Low and behold I was the first to arrive and I won! It took everything in me not to hug that announcer or wave the tickets over my head like a gold medal.

It was the first (and remains the only) thing I’ve won.

I look back at that experience and categorise it as the first moment in my life that I felt lucky. I will forever view the HIT105 radio Station with fondness normally reserved for patron saints and puppies.

That? That is the power of a contest. I think this is why I remain a huge fan of hosting contests and giveaways. If I could create a similar experience for someone on social media, their feelings toward my business/my brand/me would be amplified.

And that’s what I want for you, too. I want you to create a contest or giveaway that’ll get your followers excited, engaged, and have your grow business along the way. This toolkit will show you exactly how to make it successful for you on social media.

A common complaint I hear from business owners using social media is “How do I get more engagement on social media, without spending all day every day on my Instagram or Facebook?” There are a few ways but one way to really get your accounts pumping, is Giveaways and Contests!

Giveaways will take a little more time from you to run, but the return can be extraordinary!

Before we get into the logistics of hosting a giveaway or contest, I think it’s vital to understand just how important they are for your business.

In fact, I believe endeavours like this are only useful if we can measure their success and how, specifically, they help us grow.

But not all measurements are crystal clear. I mean, like, how do you measure a follower thinking more highly of you as a result of a contest, right? I get it, but there are other signs we can look to determine their effectiveness.

Contests & Giveaways are important for the following reasons…

They Create a Buzz

I’m sure you’ve wondered how to get people talking about your social platforms? I think movie publicists understand how to make this happen better than anyone else. They get how vital it is for people to talk in advance, so they drop exciting hints and clues leading up to a movie premiere, I believe that contests on social media function the same way. Getting people excited in advance is just one way for contests and giveaways create buzz.

In your toolkit, you will see I have given you an image of an Instagram post I shared to create buzz when launching a giveaway when I was a wedding photographer…

Creates Momentum

Momentum is a beautiful thing. In fact, the exact definition of momentum is, “the strength of force something has while moving.” If you’ve ever felt stagnant with your social presence, what you need is to get things moving. Lubricate the wheels, if you will. A contest or giveaway is the perfect impetus to get people to take any action on behalf of your account; be it commenting, liking a photo, and/or tagging a friend. The key to keeping the momentum going is to respond to comments and Direct Messages as the starting point to creating real engagement with your followers

Increases Engagement

Contest and giveaways require followers to make an action (for example, comment, like, tag a friend, etc.), which increases engagement on your account. And when your engagement increases, there’s a higher possibility of more people seeing your post(s) in the algorithm. And getting seen is just a form of free marketing (which we all love!).

Attracts New Followers

One of the [awesome] by-products of Buzz, Momentum, and Engagement is how they easily attract new followers… This is precisely why contents and giveaways are so effective.

If by this point I still haven’t convinced you that hosting a contest or giveaway soon (ahem, like this month!), let’s pretend I’m sitting across from you enjoying a cup of coffee (or tea…or a mimosa, let’s be real) and having a heart-to-heart conversation. Sorta like Care Bears, without all the rainbows.

So, you…me…cheers!

I know you’ve been searching for something to shake up your social media. I know you’re tired of feeling like you are trying really hard and not going anywhere. I’ve been there too. But the only time I saw big differences in my account was when I tried something new.

Are you ready for a refill? Yes? Here, lemme pour it for you.

Anyway, I learned that when I host a giveaway, only good things happen. If I wanted to see changes, I had to create change, y’know?

And beyond getting new followers (let’s be honest: that’s always fun), the biggest benefits were getting comments and messages from people telling me how much they appreciated the giveaway. Crazy, right? People feel thankful with just the opportunity to win.

Giveaways gave my followers to chance to see me in a new light. A very favourable light.

And it’s awesome.

So, basically, you should host a giveaway for the following reasons: you need to try something new, you need to create change, and it’s a perfect way to build your business in a benevolent way.

Let’s get into the 10 Steps, shall we?

Step 1- List your goals

I’m a firm believer in specificity. As in, the more specific you are with your goals, the better you understand how to reach them, how to improve, and what’s a “win” in your mind. Before you host a giveaway or contest, I want you to list your goals. Is it more followers? List the exact number you want. Is it more comments? List the exact number you want. Is it more Direct Messages? List the exact number you want. Is it more newsletter subscribers? At the end of your giveaway, it’s important to look back and determine, exactly, how you fared.

For example, the last 5-Day Instagram giveaway I hosted, my goals were the following: I wanted 1,000 new Instagram followers, 500 new email subscribers, to respond to every direct message, and to “like” at least 100 photos from those who left comments (that meant me visiting at least 100+ follower profiles each day).

Step 2 – Decide on the Length of Your Giveaway

There isn’t a right or wrong timeframe for a giveaway or a contest, but there are trade-offs for each. For example, the longer the giveaway, the more time people have to enter, but it runs the risk of appearing unnecessarily drawn out or too promotional. If you decide for a 14- or 21-day contest, have exciting/helpful/ educational/entertaining posts planned for most of the days to avoid lowering engagement from solely promotional posts. I prefer one, five- or seven-day giveaways, with a winner each day. I’ve discovered it’s a great way to ensure that people comment, like, and participate each day of the contest.

STEP 3 – How Much You Will Spend?

It’s important to set a budget for the total cost of the giveaway. Let’s say you have a $500 budget, you could give away a big prize (for example a $500 gift card), medium small prizes (five $100 gift cards), or small prizes (25 $20 gift cards). Not only do you have to consider the cost of the prize(s), you might want to consider allocating a portion of the budget to boost the promotional posts or create an ad. This is entirely optional (side note: I’ve never paid for exposure for a contest), but important to factor in if that’s a route you choose.

Step 4 – What Are You Giving Away?

Let’s chat about prizes for a second. Not all prizes are created equal. Sure, it might seem really cool or fancy to giveaway an iPad or $500 gift card to JB-Hifi, but bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes a prize that resonates with your audience is worth more than something uber slick. For example, I hosted a one-day giveaway that included an Instax camera, film, and a photo album. I bought the entire prize from Harvey Norman for less than $90, but it garnered hundreds of entries and a ton of likes because I knew my audience on Instagram would love it.

Even contests where I didn’t spend a dime (instead auctioning off a 30-minute consultation with me) received exponentially more responses than, say, a $100 gift card to Ziraffas Coffee. The key is to find something that’ll resonate with your audience and get them excited to participate. Also, don’t shy away from testing the waters with a $20 gift card…sometimes it’s good to start small just to learn the basics of a giveaway and express gratitude toward your followers.

STEP 5. Set a Start and End Date

This sounds extraordinarily basic, but I discovered that when I set a specific date for a giveaway, I pour all my time and energy to make it happen. Setting a date is the fastest way to bring your giveaway to life.

STEP 6. Will It Be a Solo or Collaborative Giveaway?

Someone once gave me this advice: If you want to move fast, go alone. If you want to go big, go with others. I’ve experimented hosting giveaways on my own and they’ve been great because I can make decisions quickly and change the direction of the giveaway on a whim. But I’ve also really loved collaborating with great companies because they’ll contribute to the giveaway and share about it on their social channels as well.

It can be awkward reaching out to companies for a collaboration but included in your toolkit is an email template you can use/ modify to reach out to potential collaborators for a giveaway.

STEP 7. Decide on the Terms of Entry

Be sure to be very clear about how your followers can enter the contest or giveaway. Do they need to leave a comment? Like a photo? Sign up for a newsletter? Tag a friend? Do they need to comment on a specific post? Outline your terms and be very clear. The best giveaways lead back to a sign-up page to your website. This will build your email list and give you an opportunity to connect more with your audience and nurture them.

STEP 8. Plan Plenty of Engagement Time

When you host a giveaway, you will be getting a LOT more engagement than normal. This is it! This is your chance to connect with your followers, so don’t waste the opportunity. Allot plenty of time in your schedule throughout the duration of the contest to ensure you’re responding to comments and direct messages. It’ll take a bit of time to invest, but well worth it! This step brings back the importance of how long you can realistically host a giveaway for.

STEP 9. Announce the Winner Publicly

When a winner is chosen, be sure to update the giveaway caption/ post with the winner’s name (and/or tagging them from your account). It’s a great way to celebrate the winner, as well as highlight their participation as the conclusion to the giveaway.

STEP 10. Post a Thank You

Once the giveaway is over, be sure to post a public thank you note for everyone who participated and encourages them to try again when your next giveaway is announced. It fosters a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude with your followers.

Finding the right words to write is often difficult but finding the right words for a giveaway collaboration can be even harder. I used to have a very hard time asking for a collaboration, but I drafted (and over the years refined) a template email I send to potential collaborators that works really well for me and I hope you can find value in it also. I have included this in your toolkit also – make sure to check your email asap.

On a side note, please don’t get discouraged if/when people decline your invitation to collaborate (heck, sometimes they don’t even respond at all!).

I’ve been told “no” hundreds of times…and ignored even more. But that doesn’t stop me. And it shouldn’t stop you. Why? Because collaborations only work when both parties find equal value. When a person/company agrees to collaborate, they are essentially saying what you offer them (shout outs on social media, tagging in posts, and saying great things about their products/ services) is worth the value of the thing they are giving away. And that? That is freaking awesome. Trust the process. And don’t give up.

Wrapping up….

Ok, your homework for this week as we move through the next five days of Social media Secrets is to join the -day challenge to give your social pages/accounts a boost.

Grab your notebooks if you haven’t already and Please note down how many followers you have as at today, then how many likes you get on average per post, as well as How many comments per post on average.

Next, I want you to set your intention for how many Facebook followers you plan to have in the next 30 days. Because after this 5 day Live, you’ll be able to implement this again and again for the next 30 days.

Thank you for joining me

Until Next Time

Amy Lee